Steel Belt Pastillator

Our 4G Steel Belt Pastillator featured user-friedly design, reliable and less maintenance, widely used in processing chemicals like resins, waxes, sulphur, etc.

steel belt granulator
double belt system

Double Belt Cooler

A powerful and productive steel belt system for flaking high viscous chemicals such as resin, asphalt (bitumen), etc.

Single Belt Cooler

Single belt cooler is an idealistic continuous processing equipment for flaking chemicals like waxes, sulphur, stearic acid, fatty acid, additives, calcium chloride, etc.

flaker machine

Tailor-made Steel Belt

We tailor make steel belts with or without rubber guide V ropes for replacement purpose .

Rotofeeder 4G

Rotofeeder 4G is our latest rotary feeding device featured easy to use and less maintenance.  It is an ideal choice for upgrading your old style and aging counterpart.

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