Steel Belt Pastillator

Turn your chemicals into nice pastilles with
Trouble-Free System

How it works

In steel belt pastillator, hot liquid chemical flows through heat tracing pipe into feeding device (Rotofeeder 4G) and then drops continuously and evenly onto surface of moving steel belt conveyor.

The hot liquid chemical drops lose heat to cooling water through the excellent heat conductive stainless-steel belt and change into solid particles during moving. The solid product is removed at the end of steel belt and get into packaging process

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World Leading Designs & Technologies

Nice Pastilles

Nice look, high bulk density and over 98% forming rate. Save your cost for bagging and storage.

High yield

Advanced system designs ensure high productivity and efficiency of our machines.

Safety always comes first

Our safety designs are in accordance with world’s leading standards and practices.


User-friendly ergonomic designs for easy and less stressful operation and maintenance tasks.


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Other chemicals

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Our machines' feeding and discharging segments are equiped with stainless steel housing as default.
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